Tailored Courses

Martina Land: "I did a 'one to one' master class with David in printmaking and can't recommend him highly enough. My 5 days covered relief printing, chine colle, wood engraving and etching including all materials. I learnt more in those 5 days than all the previous courses I'd done before. I loved it so much I've become a member."

Our Tailored Courses


Our one-to-one tailored courses and small group tuition courses start with one-day, two-day and a five-day master class.


You can tailor the different processes you would like to use to best suit your practice. For example, if you wanted to experiment with different woods and try to get an interesting quality of print and mark from them, then we can form a course around this. However it is also possible to purely experiment with dry point on copper.


All this will be accompanied by endless flow of tea or coffee and the occasional home baked cake.


The starting prices of which are as follows:


One Day: £180

Two Day: £360

Three Day: £540

Five Day Masterclass: £800

Intaglio Printing


Exploring Collagraph, Etching on Copper, Zinc and Steel


Intaglio printing involves making small cuts into a metal or plastic plate. Ink is then forced into these grooves, paper is soaked and then a print is taken by pushing the plate through the press, which forces the ink out and onto the surface to create the image. This is known as a dry point.


Etching requires you to prepare your plate with a wax ground first. Using an etching needle you draw through the wax, exposing the metal underneath. This is then placed in acid, which bites into the metal wherever it is exposed, thus creating a groove, which can then be inked up and printed. There are many variables such as aquatint, sugar lift, etc. You can see stunning samples of the variety of marks that can be achieved by looking at our Artists page. David Borrington works primarily with drawing onto copperplate, whereas Hideki Arichi uses a range of intaglio techniques to create his marks.


Collagraph printing also uses the Intaglio Print process. This is where a plate is created out of cardboard; it is then inked up and printed. Aithan Shapira’s work is a prime example of how successful collagraph printing can be. Again, his work can be viewed on the Artists page.

Relief Printing

Exploring Lino, Wood Cut and Wood Engraving


Relief printing involves creating cuts into a surface using specialist tools. The most common materials that are used are lino and wood. The surface is then inked up leaving the cuts ink free, and the print is taken. This process can also be used for letterpress where lead or wood type is set, the surface of the letters are inked using a roller and then a print is taken.


You can see samples of relief printing on our Artists page. We recommend looking at the work of Mary Dalton.

For more information or to book please contact us at the Studio.

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