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About Us

Our presses are pulled under the watchful and skilful hand of David Borrington, who is the co-founder of Dekkle Printmaking Studios. He brings with him years of experience and set up Dekkle Studios, along with his wife Louisa in 2008 after he graduated from the Royal College of Art, London where he got his MA in Fine Art Printmaking under Professor Chris Orr RA, Eileen Cooper RA and his main technician Alan Smith. Alan Smith has worked at the RCA for the last 20 years as master printmaker and prior to this was Norman Ackroyd’s head printer. David is a practicing printmaker with 10 years of professional and diverse workshop experience. He is proficient in all facets of print processes and welcomes artists on all levels and capabilities to his workshop. David approaches all matters creatively, with genuine individualised attention, and always a smile.


Louisa, co-founder of Dekkle Printmaking Studios comes with a completely different approach to printing. Louisa is excited by leftovers and anachronistic imagery, and uses the presses to create collage materials and printed ephemera to combine in her collages. Louisa is also a Head Teacher of Art and Design.



Our Aubert Intaglio press dates from 1830s Paris. It is a beautiful press, which has been kindly restored. It has a 36 inch bed, which will facilitate the printing of large plates. Our studio is designed to cope with larger plates from paper preparation to a custom made acquatint box which measures 1 m x 90 cm x 2 m tall. We have a range of rollers and ink to allow you to get the best results for your imagery.



Our Albion Press once belonged to Trevor Allen Printmaking, maker of striking, vivid prints. We aim to keep up his legacy of teaching and printmaking with this beautiful 32 inch Albion. This dates from 1876, London and is designed to print all manner of blocks, such as lino, woodcut, wood engraving and letterpress.



Our most recent acquisition is our Stone Litho press. We have a nice library of Imperial size stones with some smaller ones, on hand we have a master printmaker who is available to work alongside you at your requirements.


Slightly smaller in size, but beautiful in its own way is the Adana 85 for small letterpress. Also note that we have a selection of type that could be used on the Albion as well as the Adana 85. Finally we have a number of nipping presses and we are currently restoring an Imperial hot foil press, which was the first press that was converted for hot foil in the 1820s.


We want you to get the most out of our presses so David is always on hand to tweak the pressures and offer advice in order for you to get the best results.

History of Dekkle

Chris Orr RA cut the official ribbon between our presses in 2009. Dekkle Printmaking Studios is a completely independent studio and we have a number of different presses, which will allow you to realise your ideas through print.


We also have a small kitchen area, with the means to chill and reheat food. You can help yourself to tea, coffee and the occasional home-baked cake. Also Baldock has lots of lovely pubs, restaurants and bakeries all 5 minutes from the studio.

Opening Times

Members: Wednesdays from 10am to 6pm

The Studio is otherwise open by appointment only

Monday to Friday 10am - 5:30pm

Dekkle Printmaking Studio

2 Bell Row, High Street, Baldock, Hertfordshire

England, SG7 6AP

01462 490501 - info@dekkle.com