Borrington’s Atelier and Baldock Arts & Heritage Centre lectures


We are proud to launch our new lecture series, kindly hosted within the Baldock Arts and Heritage centre, next door to Dekkle.  The lectures will be open to the public, and are excitingly all based around the requirements of the study of our scholars.


Everyone is welcome, and will be asked for a small fee of £5 per lecture with an option to join the Borrington’s Atelier lecture scheme for reduced prices  when purchasing a term card.  We are excited to open this up to the public as this will bring greater discourse, which in turn will help our scholars to think and be progressively inquisitive.


To build an in-house resource library, all of the lectures will be filmed and available on this site to view.  Please contact the studio to be added to the mailing list when this facility starts.


 We will also update the page with upcoming dates and  guest speakers with their topics.

Baldock Arts & Heritage Centre

Lecture times:  Monday - 2pm - 3pm


4 High St, Baldock SG7 6AR

Opening Times

Members: Wednesdays from 10am to 6pm

The Studio is otherwise open by appointment only

Monday to Friday 10am - 5:30pm

Dekkle Printmaking Studio

2 Bell Row, High Street, Baldock, Hertfordshire

England, SG7 6AP

01462 490501 - info@dekkle.com