Atelier Programme

The Atelier Programme is our flagship course, which is an intensive 30 day course over three terms.

Exploring all of our processes from traditional intaglio on copper, steel, to our 3-D printed intaglio plates.  Relief printing on lino and wood to colour theory, multiplate printing tailored purely around your own practice.  This experience will liberate the process of printmaking from your art practice.  Freeing your visual concepts to your language of printmaking.

As this is our flagship programme we have limited the core size to 2 students, which is unprecedented for this sort of teaching. This is all very much grounded in the traditional Atelier system.
Term one: Apprentice term

In the first term we will explore basic colour theory, composition and mark-making in relation to drawing for printmaking. We will go through all the basic techniques of intaglio and relief printing, good practice of ink and paper preparation and handling of prints for professional limited-edition printing.

Term Two: Scholar term

In term two, we will start looking at more specialist processes such as Stone litho, aquatint, spit bite, multiplate printing, Dekkle 3D printing process and integrating your practice to the processes which you are most interested in.  With the knowledge you have recently learned this step should be quite natural. But if not, we can proceed with learning different processes to you are happy with your direction.

Term three: Artist term

This is a term which is aimed at preparing you to create a body of work and assist you through all the motions of doing this. Artists can find this daunting however at Dekkle, we can help to advise with all elements and possibilities. Technical advice is provided throughout the project. You will finish with a portfolio/collection of your work or a refined single piece of work. 

Who is this for?

Everyone is welcome, as we have small groups this course is realistically ideal for anyone who is interested in learning traditional and contemporary printmaking, with an emphasis on the individual’s fine art practice.

Starting your art journey

This would be a great opportunity to build a body of work for a portfolio for a university course.

Refining your practice

If you have just decided to have a career change and become a full-time fine artist

Artist block

To those artists who may have a block, a new process and precise nature of printmaking can release the anxiety and concerns you may have in your current practice.


For painters the structure of printmaking is such a different way of making, that jolt in itself will benefit your painting as many great painters have said such as Picasso and John Walker.