Membership – Individual Access.

Everyone is welcome to become a member. As part of Dekkle your membership grows organically with your ability and your Studio requirements. From the beginning of your art journey to the ever-lasting exploration of the visual arts and we will be here to assist at any stage.

Artist annual membership

As Dekkle is a specialist small studio we are in the unique position to offer single access to our studio Members along with small groups depending on your requirements.

Print Member £50 – (free two new members)

Print membership is our basic studio membership for our open access workshop, this is best for those artists who are efficient and printmaking. As everyone’s practice is different you may just want to dip in ever so often into traditional print.

All new members will need to attend a one-off Workshop Initiation at a cost of £50, a tailored course or a conversion day. 


  • £50 Yearly Plan
  • Session costs at £65
  • Technical Assistance £55ph
  • Cleaning supplies included
  • Session time: 9am to 5pm
  • Access key code (Session time)

Artist membership£200

Artist is our most popular membership as it gives you the option to purchase the five day card and Technical Assistance at a discount.

This is ideal for artists who are wanting to develop their own practice within the studio and Technical Assistance on hand if they may need it.

In this membership the Workshop Initiation fee is included Worth £50

Artist benefits.

  • £200 Yearly Plan
  • £50 Initiation fee included
  • Session costs = £50
  • 5 day card £200 = £40 Session costs (flexible use & valid for six months)
  • Technical Assistance £45ph
  • Storage box
  • Drying print facility one week
  • Cleaning supplies included
  • Session time: 9 am to 8pm
  • Access key code 24/7 access to collect prints

Associate Membership – £300

Associate Artist is our most comprehensive membership, which gives you Best discounts of Session costs and Technical Assistance. Along with a plan chest drawer and session time of the whole 24 hours. 

A true extension of your own studio

This membership is ideal for those artists who want to dive into printmaking intensively, getting great savings if you use the studio a lot.

In this membership the Workshop Initiation fee is included Worth £50

Associate Benefits:

  • £300 Yearly Plan
  • £50 Initiation fee included
  • 5 day card £175 = £35 Session costs (flexible use & valid for duration of your membership)
  • 10 day card at £250 = £25 per day (valid for two month and can be carried over to a new card at the discretion of the studio.)
  • Technical Assistance £35ph
  • Storage box
  • Plan chest draw
  • Drying print facility one week (then put into plan chest if required)
  • Session time 24 hours

A conversion day

A conversion day course is for those artists and printmakers who have experience in other workshops and feel like they would like a day with David to get familiar with the workshop before working on their own. This includes an membership induction which is a two hour induction to the workshop and space. Then you will be allowed to book sessions when you would like.

We offer a free consultation to talk through your needs and choose the best options for membership for you.