Membership – Individual Access.

Everyone is welcome to become a member. As part of Dekkle your membership grows organically with your ability and your Studio requirements. From the beginning of your art journey to the ever-lasting exploration of the visual arts and we will be here to assist at any stage.

Artist annual membership

As Dekkle is a specialist small studio we are in the unique position to offer single access to our studio Members from 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 7pm.

A conversion day

A conversion day course is for those artists and printmakers who have experience in other workshops and feel like they would like a day with David to get familiar with the workshop before working on their own. This includes an membership induction which is a two hour induction to the workshop and space. Then you will be allowed to book sessions when you would like.

Study Annual Memberships – Atelier

Atelier study memberships offer access to Technical, Artistic advice, print demonstrations, courses, tutorials and a remote access option.

We offer a free consultation to talk through your needs and choose the best options for membership for you.