Introduction to Etching (Hard ground)




Introduction to Etching (Hard Ground) 

Hard ground gives a most precise and crisp line when printed.  Unmatched by any other drawing medium, ideal for a range of different work from highly detailed drawings to looser line work as the motion of drawing on metal in particular copper is a joy to work, is like using the most finest fountain pen.  This process is quite commonly combined with aquatint to create the tonal planes on the plate.

Course structure

• View artwork related to the particular process
• Introduction to the process and technique
• Preparing an image to put onto the plate
• Demonstration and assistance of processing the plate
• Printing the plate 

Experience level

Beginner or Artists who want a complete refresh.


Four hours 9am to 1pm
Evening classes can be arranged by appointment. This will be completed in two evenings, with 2 hours per night.

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