Fine Art Letterpress




Fine Art Letterpress

As Dekkle is a fine art printmaking studio our letterpress printing course, has the expression and purpose of fine art, to create text based works.  This course is to teach the basics of typesetting but with a artistic aim in making a unique print.

We have a selection of wood and lead type that are available for use.

This can be printed on the Adana or large Albion press bed.

Adana 85s are excellent for producing small runs of small sized prints. The Albion can be used for larger works.

You also have access to a large range of coloured inks and a selection of papers.

Course structure

• View artwork related to the particular process
• Introduction to the process and technique
• Preparing type for printing
• Demonstration and assistance of processing the type
• Printing the type

To get the most out of your course we recommend a free consultation first. This can be done via email, telephone or a visit to the studio

All of the supplies are included in the price.

Experience level

Beginner or Artists who want a complete refresh.


Four hours 9am to 1pm
Evening classes can be arranged by appointment. This will be completed in two evenings, with 2 hours per night.

Checking Availability:
Go to the checkout to check the availability of this course. There will be  no charge or obligation to attend the course when checking the availability.

Payment / Terms and Conditions

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