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This is a 5-day masterclass where you book both studio space and David’s expertise. Desirable for those artists who want an in depth exploration of technique and process.  Aimed purely at your own practice, which maximise the time to get the best out of the course. 

Depending on your particular needs we may suggest five consecutive days in the studio for maximum benefit but at the same time we may suggest splitting the five days up if you are more reliant on more detailed drawing which allows you to draw at your own pace then coming back to the Studio to process the plates.

Everyone is going to be different so we would organise a free consultation before the course where we can work out the best course of action for your particular needs and requirements.

Specialist materials can be acquired ready for the session at a competitive price if required.

The days can also be be split up as you require, as there is no obligation to book 5 consecutive days. Please contact us directly to organise the time.

Experience level

Beginner or Artists who want a complete refresh.


5 day four hours 9:30am to 4:30pm

Checking Availability:
Go to the checkout to check the availability of this course. There will be  no charge or obligation to attend the course when checking the availability.

Payment / Terms and Conditions

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