Everyone is welcome to become a member. As part of the membership fee you are given heath and safety guidance and an overview to how the studio works, presses available etc.

After this induction, if feel you need some extra help you can book an induction course or one-to-one tuition. This means you will be able to book time and be safe in the studio.

The studio is a self lead space and if you require any technical advice David can be booked on a hourly rate.

Membership is £100 this includes a two hour induction with your particular process in mind and the £50 yearly studio fee.

Studio booking and costs.

Studio time can be booked in four hour block sessions and please see below for details of the session start times and costs.

Sessions times:

9am – 1.00pm


5.00pm – 9pm

The studio can be booked seven days a week.

Discount Cards

You can purchase multiple prepaid sessions at a discount on a sliding scale from £20 to £12.50p Per session.


To view availability and to book your chosen Press/ Dekkle Facility Please continue to the booking page. If you have a discount card You will be able to enter your code at checkout.

Members: Studio Hire

Members Studio Hire allows the artist to fully take over the studio, making it a creative space for them. This is very unprecedented in traditional workshops. The artist can fully emerge themselves in their work.

Please contact the studio to organise your studio hire booking.