Mentorship is available providing technical, creative, conceptual and industry best practice guidance. The idea of the atelier is that you work alongside an artist, learning from their mastery in order to help you to develop your own skill set and thinking.

Welcome to Borrington’s Atelier: the mentoring arm of Dekkle. Everyone from all backgrounds and of all abilities are welcome to join us.

We offer a tailored courses where we can cater to your specific needs, which conventional education struggles to or simply cannot meet.

You may currently in be education but want a place to expand your knowlegde for materials, techniques and processes. For example, creating prints to add to a portfolio for a university application, expanding your body of work at GCSE. Alternatively, you may have decided that mainstream education was not the place for you, however do not want to stop learning. You may also be an artist that simply does not have the space to suit your needs or maybe you have a creative block that a new process could help you breakthrough.

If you are interested in learning printmaking please see our shop for introductory courses and available teaching time where you can book online.

If you are not too sure which technique you like to learn please feel free to have a quick look at our list of processes below.

A free consultation with David is a great way to see the possibilities and for us to put a program together to guide you towards your artistic goals.