Traditional Presses and Processes

Rolling Press:
Intaglio printing, dates from 1835.

Albion Press:

Relief printing, dates from 1976.

Direct Litho:

Stone lithography, dates from 1910

Two Adana Letterpress printing machines:
Small scale letterpress dating from 1950 & 1970.

Copper, zinc and steel

Hand ground Rosen

Wood & Lead type available

Stone litho library

Photo Etching

A selection of specialist papers are available to purchase from the studio.

Digital to Analogue

3D Printing 2017:
3-D printing plates for printing from digital Artwork

Digital plotter:
scribing onto traditional ground plates from Digital Artwork

CNC Machine:
for cutting wood blocks from digital Artwork

We also have a small kitchen area, with the means to chill and reheat food. You can help yourself to tea and coffee. Baldock has lots of lovely pubs, restaurants and bakeries all 5 minutes from the studio.

If you’re looking for something in particular and it is not here please do not hesitate to contact the studio with your enquiry.

If we cannot help we will probably know someone who can.